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From The Ultimate Hair & Makeup Handbook, to Small Business solutions for those of you out there who just have no idea where to start, or how to make some serious changes to your work/life balance – it’s time to learn from the Pro. I have 20 years worth of trial and error, mistakes, hi 5 moments and pure, refined business strategies developed through years of tenacity, hard graft and risk taking and i’m here to share all of the fun bits with you so you can go ahead and enjoy life as a freelance creative or small business owner.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a newly qualified student, or just thinking about getting into the industry, my comprehensive range of Education Tools, E-Books, Webinars and Live Seminars will be invaluable for your business, both technically and organisationally*- let me kick start your business or help with your start up – seriously, I have over 20 years of what not to do to share with you, it’s pure gold!

Now is the time for you to be brave, become indomitable (google it!), stick closely to your values and keep laser focussed on your vision. Now get out there and kick some creative ass!

*Business tools/webinars/e-books aren’t just for the Makeup & Hair junkies out there – your small business in all kinds of different areas will benefit ten fold so get subscribing and see how I can help you.



After spending 20 years as a pro Makeup & Hair Artist, 18 years as a mum and businesswoman, and the last 5 as an Educator, Speaker and Social Change Innovator, it’s safe to say that i’ve seen a lot, learned a lot and now have a ton of golden nuggets of advice, pearls of wisdom, and a basic how to guide on the joys of juggling modern day life.

I’ve seen successes and failures, made some great, life changing decisions and some seriously awful ones, climbed a mountain in Peru, almost been bankrupt, run a team of 100 Artists backstage during New York Fashion Week, and ended up having emergency hand surgery after a dog food related incident.

My blog will most definitely make you smile and hopefully help you to realise that you’re not on your own if you’ve accidentally put your kids shoe in the microwave instead of their dinner, or attempted to complete a marathon through the night, with virtually no training, and wearing only a bra …….no? Just me then.

My point is that nobody’s perfect. They just pretend to be. My mission is to get people to stop benchmarking their lives on other peoples highlights showreels and start to embrace their wonderful quirks and beautiful flaws and live their lives their own way. No apologies. No Excuses.

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